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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are we accepting new patients?

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Yes! We are pleased to welcome new patients. We appreciate the trust you place in
us by choosing our office to provide your dental care.

Q2. Do you bill my insurance?

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We are happy to bill your insurance company for you. We accept most all insurance
plans. We are a preferred provider with Premera,Delta Dental, Regence, Aetna, and
a few others. Please do not hesitate to call, we will be glad to answer your questions.

Q3. Do you see children?

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Yes! We enjoy providing dental care for your entire family.

Q4. What type of payments do you take?

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For your convenience we accept Cash, Checks, Visa®, Master Card®,. If you wish
you may use your ATM card, as well.
We also offer long term financing options through CareCredit™.

Q5. Will you give me an estimate of my treatment cost?

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We appreciate the emotional and financial investment required to proceed with
comprehensive dentistry. We strive to give you an estimate of the total investment
for the recommended treatment.Occasionally additional treatment may be recommended
based on a change in your dental condition or for other unforeseen factors. If
additional treatment is necessary we will inform you at the time it becomes
apparent so that you make an appropriate decision.

Q6. What does it mean if my teeth are sensitive?

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Sensitive teeth could be the result of many causes. In some cases, genetics and
your oral history could affect sensitivity, but other underlying problems such as
decay may be present. If your teeth are feeling sensitive, it's important that you
come in for a check-up. We will determine what is causing the sensitivity first,
and then depending on the cause, will recommend the appropriate treatment to
alleviate your sensitivity.

Q7. What can I do to ensure I always have good breath?

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Aside from not consuming odorous foods like garlic and coffee, the best way to
fight bad breath is by brushing after every meal. However, brushing alone often
isn‘t enough. Flossing daily, using a tongue scraper, mouthwash, and getting your
teeth professionally cleaned at least twice a year is highly recommended.
Any food particles left on or between your teeth, and even on your tongue can
spoil right there, leaving behind some very bad breath.

Q8. Will my smile look fake after dental veneers or
tooth whitening?

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The experience of most people is that they recollect seeing people in person or
on TV who have had all their teeth “fixed” to improve their appearance.
This is usually back in the 1980s and earlier. Before the 1990s most cosmetic
dental work for the front teeth involved using porcelain-metal crowns or caps.
These created the appearance of flat, opaque, refrigerator-white fake or denture
type teeth. Not only that, many times there were dark lines at the gum line
[metal margins],and the gums looked red. Since the early 1990s, we have had
technology that allows us to restore front teeth with metal-free ceramic dental
veneers. There are no dark lines at the roots and the Veneers are translucent
like natural teeth. Also, dental veneers do not irritate the gums, so they do
not turn red. In almost all cases, this kind of dental work is undetectable.

Q9. I would like to remove all the metal in my back teeth, but I don’t want my teeth cut down for caps or crowns.

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When we remove all the metal in back teeth we remove the metal, all the underlying
decay and evident fractures. All healthy natural tooth structure is left intact. It is
not cut out.
We take an impression of the defects and our laboratory makes ceramic
replacements. These are then fused to the remaining natural tooth structure with adhesives.
These teeth are now as strong as natural teeth (sometimes stronger) and were
restored in the most conservative manner.

Q10. Why can’t I just wait until my teeth break or hurt, and then I have them fixed?

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Yes, you could. And many people do this. But, once teeth begin to fail, or have
fractured, many times the subsequent dental work is more extensive and expensive
than if these same teeth were restored and reinforced earlier.
In restoring these teeth earlier, we can avoid future root canal therapy, extraction,
surgery, and bridges. The savings in money, time, and aggravation can be enormous.



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